A/R: Christmas sales, condom the leading product

 Some pharmacists in the Ashanti Region of Ghana have revealed to akrasibridget.com with regards to a survey that was conducted prior this Christmas, that the most purchased product day in day out as far as this christmas is concern is condom.

During Christmas seasons many businessmen and traders who sell christmas goddies such as clothes, foootwares, jewelries etc. smile when ever they look at the size of their wallet due to the bountiful sales they make.

Akrasibridget.com’s Enoch Adjei in a interview with some pharmacists as to how business is going this christmas month revealed that, the item which is mostly purchase this christmas fever is condom.

“Drugs such as Paracetamol, cough syrups are sold faster as  compared to the other drugs but since we entered into this month I can sell 20 packs of condoms a day as compared to previous sales of 3 packs a day” Bismark a pharmacist revealed.

Yaw Oduro who is also a pharmacist affirm Bismark’s revelation by saying “business is very bad this xmas but for condom this is it’s season.

source :akrasibridget.com