Background Of Cassandra Ntiamoah; The African Prodigy


Cassandra Ntiamoah, popularly known as African Prodigy was born and raised in Accra, Ghana to Ms. Faustina Korama Ntiamoah and Late Mr. Jackson Ntiamoah,currently in her third year of college in the United States, Her tremendous success comes from her passion, determination, and drive to compete only with herself.

African Prodigy is in a league of her own. A 22–year-old international business owner and operator of Prodigy Cooks, an online sauce and spices company, Chief Financial Officer of Scholars for Africa, a nonprofit that helps to ensure that low-income students receive access to educational supplies and mentorship programs, and a co-operator of a health nongovernmental organization (NGO) that provides free check-ups, health fairs and donates food to various communities in Ghana, African Prodigy does it all.

African Prodigy has always excelled at every skill she attempted, and as a result her dad would often call her a child prodigy. When she began blogging on Tumblr nearly a decade ago, she named her brand African Prodigy because of her Ghanaian heritage and the nickname her father had given her as a child. The name has stuck with her to such a degree that most people call her Prodigy. Cassandra has become synonymous with her brand.

Her brand name is quite fitting. She is not only a skilled chef, but also is an accomplished hairstylist, brand ambassador, and formidable businesswoman who conducts consistently sold-out seminars on business development. In her early days as a blogger, she spent time reviewing up-and-coming African musicians such Becca, R2Bees, Criss Waddle, Efya, Ice Prince Zamani, and many more.

In the midst of her busy schedule, Prodigy somehow still finds time to relax and recharge.

 How do you do it? asked her.

“I keep a very tight schedule,” she said. Every part of her day is planned to the last detail to allow her time to maintain her businesses, complete school work, conduct research that helps her stay informed on the best way to run her business, and spend time connecting with God. Every two to three months she and her good friends take a girls vacation. These vacations give her time to relax and strictly focus on recharging.

Birth of an Empire

African Prodigy started her first business when she was 17. Ms. Mary Olushoga, CEO of the African Women Power (AWP) Network, gave her a $500 grant to fund her company, Africhic, which was in the business of making bow-ties.

Prodigy’s first business failed because she was very new to business and did not know how to manage her time or money to help her business grow. She didn’t let the setback discourage her. Later on, she came up with the idea for her booming online sauces and spices company Prodigy Cooks.

Prodigy notes that starting a business is not hard, but maintaining the business is truly difficult. One of her keys to remaining successful has been building a strong team of people who she can trust to help move her business forward. For example, she highlighted the importance of having an accountant who helps keep track of money that flows in and out of the company. Particularly as an international business owner, it was crucial for her to develop a team who would represent her brand well.

Building a brand requires sacrifice. It requires late nights, early mornings, and missing out on fun at times in order to move to the next level. Hard work and determination play an important role in building a brand, but Prodigy says that prayer and belief in God has truly helped her to stay focused in her work.

African Prodigy values her faith in God. She acknowledges that she is sometimes tempted to stray away from her faith, especially as a vibrant young college student who might be invited to parties or events that may conflict with her values. However, she believes in the power of resilience and bouncing back from whatever challenges that she might face.

Looking Forward

African Prodigy plans to work in Ghana’s political sphere to enact policy that will shape a brighter future for the country. She also is committed to continuing her NGO work to help give back to Ghanaian communities.

Prodigy is also passionate about children. As a part of her desire to give back to Ghanaian communities and start a ministry, she would like to open a homeless shelter where children under the age of 18 can have food to eat, a place to stay, and also have mentors who can guide them to fulfill their dreams.

Prodigy is wise beyond her years and her business advice is golden. She has already revolutionized the online food industry, and her faith in God, ambition and strong self-confidence will only magnify her outstanding success. Look out World – This is only her beginning.