Ebony finally replies Mannasseh’s love letter

There is good news as Ebony has finally read the love letter Manasseh Azure of Multi Media Group wrote to her and has equally replied.

Recently an article captioned ‘Love Letter To Ebony’ circulated on social media.

The writer and a senior broadcast Journalist Manasseh Azure who works with Joy fm wrote a letter to Ebony highlighting  her “indescent dressing” and what the future holds for her.

Many Ghanaians after reading the letter praised the writer for the advice he gave to Ebony and also for his articulated and impeccable writing skills. They however prayed for the letter to reach the rightful recipient so she can read and make a change. 

Some on the other hand, criticized him for prying into someone’s life as they believe whatever the dancehall diva does with her life was none of his business.

Although the 90’s ‘badgyal’ didn’t react immediately to the letter that went viral as many were expecting, her reply was seen a few day ago.

The “ Sponsor” hitmaker took to her Facebook page and replied the writer of her love letter.

She posted a flyer of her latest song titled ‘Maame Hw3’ and wrote her reply, which was actually a question directed back at Manasseh Azure.

The reply;

“Dear manasseh azure awuni, i have a new song out and is called maame hw3. its a campaign song to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.i am expecting another lengthy letter from you on this one, or you only write love letters to me when i have a wardrobe malfunction? pls let me know. Its ur girl ebony reigns, the 90’s badgyal”. She wrote.

And we are yet to hear from Mr Azure.

Ebony Reigns has received a lot of backlashes from many critics and some other entertainers. All about her choice of costumes.

She however came out to say that she was just being herself and is never ready to change so as to please anyone. But recently she has been seen in decent cloths.

One of such occasions was during the launch of her first album, and the most recent one was in the visuals for her hit song ‘Maame Hw3.’

Many of her critics have shown much love for her since and are hoping she keeps it up.

source: akrasibridget.com