Ebony Is In Heaven Now Entertaining People There – Bishop Obinim


Ebony’s death has brought up a lot of discussions and issues with many people already saying that she can’t make it to heaven because of how she portrayed herself.

However, an official statement had not been heard from neither the corridors of heaven nor the ery
furnace of hell.

As an angel, a bishop and a prophet, Obinim thought it wise to gist us as to what is happening to Ebony’s soul at the moment and whether she has made it to heaven.

In a press release, the self-acclaimed angel said “Ebony is in good hands. For now, satan is on vacation so there will be no new entrants into hell. Moreover, hell has been shut down and is being renovated so Ebony is in safe hands with Jesus and the rest of my siblings: the Angels” He went further to say that Jesus has organised a party in
heaven and Ebony is really entertaining people there so no one should cry for her.

Source: Dailyviewgh.com


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