Ghana’s Richest Blogger To Give Out $1000 For Free Every Month; Check Out What You Have To Do

Ghana’s undoubtedly richest blogger and an entrepreneur known as Akesse Moise Sanza is giving out $1000 every month, he made this announcement in a Facebook post.

A post which initially was presumed to be a joke has been confirmed by someone close to the blogger.

The source hinted that, Akesse Sanza would be collecting ideas of people on what they intend to use the $1000 for and allow the general public to decide who deserves in a particular month.

“He doesn’t want to show any favouritism so he’s coming up with a platform where the general public will decide who the Money should be given to every month” – The source hinted.

Akesse Sanza is the owner of, a travel website which serves as a resource to travelers, tourists and the world at large where you can get every information when it comes to tourism and travelling.

Akesse Moise Sanza is an IATA Certified Travel & Tourism Consultant — and you can always rely on him for your travel and tourism dealings.