Mmebusem, Nebu Ur’ Majesty at “facebook war”


Justice Hymns popular known as Mmebusem in the Movie industry is in the news once again, this time it’s not about his controversial wedding but a “facebook war” between him and a popular movie director Francis Dzogbetsie known in showbiz as Nebu Ur’ Majesty.

Images of Mmebusem dressed like a Pastor and molesting a female in the name of deliverance was circulating on social media recently.

Many people have expressed their disappointment in the actor for indulging in such an indecent act. With regards to this, Nebu Ur’ Majesty also took to his Facebook handle to advise the actor.

But the actor didnt like what the director wrote and have replied him in a provocative way.

Nebu Ur’ Majesty posted the images which has gone viral and captioned it. “Bro this is out of box. You are going wayward”.

Nebu’s post

Mmebusem quickly responded by posting the newborn son of Nebu Ur’ Majesty telling him he is not the father of the baby who according to sources is the “Godson” of business guru and movie Producer Bandex.

Mmebusem also wrote “Stop fooling wai, I know you are behind this. Think of yourself. Even this child is not yours”.

Mmebusem’s reply

People have started speculating that it might generate problems between the movie director and his wife.