NEW YEAR MESSAGE: Act of betrayal – a deadly trait


Dear friends, lend me your ears for a moment.

My name is Aboagye Frank Jackson,a Broadcast Journalist and CEO of Adepa Media Consult.

I would like to draw your attention to a ‘killer syndrome’ that has crashed numerous personalities and could jeopardize or harm your Life, Career and Image.

Am talking about the ACT OF BETRAYAL.

It’s a human trait that normally targets a Destruction – with a permanent or temporary magnitude.

Most of the times, those we keep as love ones or more close, like Jewels to our chest and share secrets with, perpetuate this act of Wickedness.

Yes, this is Felony because it breaks your heart when you are hit as a destructive target of Betrayal.

Now, the 3 letter friends A, P and L surfaces when you are heartbroken

A – Anger

P – Pain

L – Love

You never know which to pick, delete or reconcile.

At this point, the feeling of emptiness plus a focus derailment becomes your companion.

Why???…Because a known Judas has visited you.

You Trusted him or her so much that this person has a photocopy of your boxer’s wearing time table.

The food you eat daily rings a rhythmatic KG lullaby at the mention of your name.

My friends, the world is a dark environment where lights have no space.

As this T – junction, your mental agony commences work, searching for a deliverance atmospheric setting with your adrenalin matching a deafening miscalculated proportion.

This environment is and shall be full of poison until the Kingdom of God.

Beware who you call a Friend or a Love one.

These are the Judases in your Life,Career and Image.

They eat and drink with you but will susupine, backbite, backstab and paint you black in the society.

I hope this piece isn’t much of a boredom?

Good, let’s move on.

Those who BETRAY are with us all the time – in our presence,absence and shadows.

Judases plot evil and are very much aware of the plan to be executed at the eleventh hour but will feign and later comfort you when their evil succeeds.

This isn’t hatred but you dug your own deep hole the very day you told him or her the unknown about you.

You gave this Judas the arsenals to propel your Jeopardy.

That’s the Act of Betrayal I am talking about.

It’s a Deadly Weaponry surrounded by several masks but the only Solace or Panacea is the Law of Karma.

May the Law of Karma uncharitably demolish all the Judases in your path.