Strika is academically ‘POOR’ and enjoys smoking WEE -Montessori Headmaster

The headmaster at the Cape Coast Montessori where Strika was enrolled has added his voice to Strika’s issue.

According to a report on, the headmaster whose name is given as Kumi Bruce has indicated that Strika is not interested in education because even though he is given extra tuition, the kid actor does not catch up with his peers in class.

“Even though Strika is given extra tuition at school, but the truth is that he still has difficulty with his studies.”

He indicated that Strika was found on the streets because he left school adding that Strika at his age enjoys the illegal drug, marijuana.

The headmaster who was speaking in an interview said “He keeps running away from school. He ran from school ahead of last term’s examination. The last time we found him was at ‘wee’ smokers ghetto, and he even asked us to give him ‘wee’ in one instance”.

Strika early this week was spotted begging on the streets of Accra. When he was approached, the Beast of No Nation star indicated that he sells yam for a living and that he is waiting on proceeds he made from the movie in order start his own business.

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