TIPS: Do’s and Don’t when applying make up

Looking good is every lady or woman’s piority and  application of makeup  is a factor that contributes to good looks.  Application of makeup makes one  appear  beautiful and young, nonetheless it can also age you if you don’t apply it the right way.  These are few tips expects suggest you can adopt when applying make-up.



Do moisturizer and prime before foundation,and match foundation to overall body tone.

2. Concealer

Do use a concealer that’s 1-2 shade lighter than your foundation.

3. Powder

Do set foundation with setting powder.

4. Contour

Do use a taupe matte Bronner.


Do highlight high points of cheeks, nose and cupids bow.


Do prime lids for shadow,and use a warm toned crease colour.

7. Eyeliner

Do use a pencil or gel for natural definition. Blend eyeliner into a subtle cat eye and blend bottom lash line.

8. Lashes

Do curl lashes before mascara. Use falsies with a thin band.

9. Lip liner

Do outline your lips using small strokes.

10. Brushes

Do use clean make-up brushes often.


Don’t apply foundation to bare skin, and don’t match foundation to neck.

Don’t conceal undereye circle without using corrector first.

Don’t use foundation powder to set make-up.

Don’t highlight apples of cheeks if you have large pores.

Don’t apply  shadow to bare lids and don’t use shimmer in the crease.

Don’t curl lashes after mascara, and avoid using falsies with a thick band.

Don’t use dirty brushes .

These make-up mistakes age you so try as much as possible to apply makeup the right way, and thank me later!!

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