Two Lesbians Nearly Lynched To Death In Kumasi


Two ladies perceived to be lesbians were nearly lynched to death by the angry youth of Tafo in Kumasi.

However the timely intervention by the Police saved the two young ladies from been lynched for being lesbians.

The ladies according to Eye Witness locked themselves up in a single room apartment at a compound house at Tafo in Kumasi.

Speaking on Nhyira Fm, the eyewitness, Mr. Joseph Antwi commonly known as “Chairman Joe” revealed that a resident in the house raised an alarm about an “unusual noise” from the ladies room.

The incident, which occurred around 8:30pm on Monday took over 30 police armed police personnel to control the situation.

This according to eyewitness-attracted youths within the area to besieged the house to lynch the two.

However, Tafo Divisional Commander Superintendent David Amoako says the two ladies have been detained for their own security.

He adds some of his officers sustained minor injuries from stones pelted by the irate youths.

Mr. Amoako says no evidence has been provided to substantiate the allegation, and that no arest has been made yet.



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