Video: I kissed ‘married’ Michael Essien because we were dating – Princess Shyngle

Ghana-based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle is in the news again and this time around, its about her and Ghanaian footballer Micheal Essien.
The actress who denied having an affair with Essien who was married to Akosua Puni has admitted publicly kissing footballer Michael Essien even though he was married.

According to Princess Shyngle who’s best known for her coca-cola shape and choice of dressing , she kissed the former Chelsea player because they were dating.

Akosua Puni and Michael Essien

The issue of the actress kissing Mr Essien came up when TV host Delay sought clarification on Princess Shyngle’s comments that about 99% of men she dated could not satisfy her sexually.

After revealing that she was referring to about seven men she dated, the TV host probed further if that list included the former Chelsea star.

“Okay, where did Michael Essien come from?” she quickly quipped, acting totally surprised.

Clearly armed with info, Delay stressed that “you were publicly kissing him…at Chester’s Pub not so long ago.”

“I wasn’t kissing him,” she tried a last-minute defence, a fruitless one it turned out to be as the host persisted, “you were kissing him, he was kissing you, you guys were kissing in public for that matter.”

Clearly defeated, Princess Shyngle took a deep breath and admitted, “okay, fine, I dated him,” but quickly denied she knew he was married.

According to her, she had no reason to find out if he was married because “I never saw a wedding ring oh his finger and there was obviously no pictures of him and a woman on social media so I assumed that he was a single man.”

The Gambian-born actress said she ended the relationship after she found out later that he was married.

Watch the video below for more: