Video: Wife Of Kitchen Stool Headmaster Pleads For Her Husband


Madam Diana Krofie, the wife of Mr. Robert Seppey, the Headteacher of Breman Adumanu in the Central who was involved in the infamous kitchen stool $extape has finally commented on the issue.

Madam Diana in an interview with Accra-based United Television (UTV) pleaded with authorities to have mercy on her husband and leave the matter be.

The beautiful wife of the headmaster revealed that she was unable to cater for her two children due to her unemployment status and her husband’s disappearance after the incident.

She went ahead to plead with the authorities to let go of the matter and reinstate her husband so he could cater for their family.

She went on to send a passionate appeal to all Ghanaians who were in possession of the infamous video to kindly delete it from whichever device they had it on so as to save her husband’s reputation.

Meanwhile the female student who was involved in the viral video has opened up on the romantic relationship that transpired between them.

The matter is currently under investigation by a two-member committee set up by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Watch video:



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