Did You Know Kuami Eugene Was A Gospel Musician & A Minister Of The Word Of God?

Kuami Eugene who’s now in the race for the new Artiste of the year in this year’s VGMAs started his music career as a Gospel Musician.

Kuami Eugene
Kuami Eugene

Eugene Marfo which was his name then, was soo passionate about the word of God and was even a minister of the word and had his own ministries known as Eugene Marfo Ministries.

He was probably in his teen years back then and was about 17 years when he started his music career as a Gospel musician.

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But somewhere along the line,he abandoned his ministry, switched genres,and changed his name to Kuami Eugene which you and i know is dropping hits after hits.

Kuami Eugene released some Gospel songs back then when he was a gospel musician and we came across one titled ‘Heaven’ and it was a beautiful song and he still had that sweet and silky voice even back then.

Kuami Eugene

As to what accounted for the change in genre, we’re yet to discover.

But with the look of things even from the way he dresses, you can see he hasn’t changed that much and still loves God and serves Him in his heart because that’s what really matters.

When flipping through some of his old pictures on his Facebook account, we spotted these and you could tell, he really loved his work as a minister of the Gospel.

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So now the question is, what happened to him?

No one is saying the path he has chosen is wrong o , or it’s a sin to sing about Angela, Confusion and others.

We’re just wondering! Anyway God knows best and he has the final say, so maybe God changed him to Kuami Eugene.

Kuami Eugene