GUTA Insists Foreigners Must Leave.

The Ghana Traders Union Association (GUTA) has given their foreigner retailers an ultimatum to leave the local market or face their wrath.

According to them the influx of expatriates into the Ghanaian retail trading sector contravenes the established laws of Ghana Investment Promotion ACT.

“About 3million Nigerians are in Kumasi doing the retailing business”, they alleged.

The Association also raised major concerns that, the foreigners are killing their business as customers have the perception that products of the foreigners are cheaper than theirs.

They also added that, some of the foreigner retailers are into fake products and it’s disturbing.

“Just recently we caught a Nigerian retailing fake malaria test kits and we’ve reported it to the appropriate authorities”, they said.

However, they also threatened to take the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) and the Migration service to court as they believe the two bodies have contributed to the influx of the foreigners.

Moving forward the Association called on the government to help them fight the expatriates since their taxes contributes greatly to the revenue of the Country.

“Some of these foreigners do not pay  tax, they smuggle their goods into the Country, and  does not contribute to the Nation’s revenue”  they alleged.