”I Will Marry My Husband Again – The Late Ebony’s Mother Promises & Thanks Ghanaians For Support

– ”I will marry my husband again”, Ebony’s mother stated when interviewed.

Information available to the press on what led to the divorce of Madam Beatrice Oppong and Mr. Opoku Kwarteng are disappointingly scanty. Regardless the fact that divorce looks alien in the African cultural context, most people have started advocating for the reunion of Madam Beatrice Oppong and Mr. Opoku Kwarteng.

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Well, Madam Beatrice speaking to DJ KA on Kumasi-based Silver 98.3 FM thanked family, friends and sympathisers who graced the late Ebony’s occasions starting from her one-week observation through to her burial.

“The love shown to the late Ebony and the family is beyond measure. We never thought Ghanaians love her like that. All that I can say is that may God replenish whatever sympathisers have lost in the mourning of Ebony”, she said.

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More importantly, when the host probed if she’s willing to reunite with her husband, Madam Beatrice responded in affirmative. The host, DJ KA asked that;

“I was delighted to see you walking with Mr. Opoku Kwarteng at the funeral and it was lovely. So, can you promise that you’ll marry him again?”, she smilingly responded YES.

If this is anything to go by, then let’s hope Ebony’s parents being Madam Beatrice Oppong and Mr. Opoku Kwarteng settle their difference and come back as couples.


Source: Celebrities.co