Second sextape of ‘Kitchen Stool Headmaster’ Leaks; Different Student

Another sextape is being circulated on WhatsApp involving the headmaster whose leaked video went viral recently.

The leaked video trending right now involves the kitchen stool headmaster and this time around with a different student.

The video, which has already been blocked by social media giant Facebook is fast spreading in various Whatsapp groups.

In the video, the lady is seen undressing her School uniform while the headmaster spares the Kitchen stool for a mattress. The 12-minute video shows the two taking rounds to satisfy each other sexually.

The headmaster in question was relieved off his duty after the video went viral on social media.

It was however established that the video was leaked by the girl’s brother and his friends.

It was also revealed that the headmaster and the girl had a romantic affair last year but they were no longer together when the video leaked.