Shatta Wale Attacks Nana Addo For His Silence Over Fake Prophets In The Country

The rate at which Ghanaian pastors predict people’s death and feel ‘good’ about it is very worrying and Shatta wale can’t chill.

Shatta Wale who has been a victim of these ‘fake’ prophecies in a recent Facebook post has reacted to these prophecies from these ‘fake’ men of God.

In the post, Shatta Wale wrote that

“My prophecy about churches ???? God nuh sleep … Shatta Wale ??<??..They wanted me to do this to say I don’t respect and will force the police to arrest me .. It’s a shame the president of this country is watching all this from this fake person calling themselves men of God .. Ghana is a stupid village ..Yez I said it … “.

In the post, we can clearly see that Shatta Wale is highly disappointed in the president, to the extent that he called the situation ‘a shame’.