Stacy Offei Darko Allegedly Died During An Abortion And liposuction

Stacy Offei, the baby mama of Kennedy Agyapong and the deputy CEO of the National Entrepreneurship Innovation Program (NEIP), died recently at the famous hospital of Dr Obengfo, plastic surgeon extraordinaire.

Dr. Obengfo has thence being arrested for murder. Stacy Offei was said to have died during a surgery to reduce her thighs.
However, new fillas popping up indicates that Stacy died in the process of carrying out an abortion.

This was revealed by a notorious Instagram account thosecalledcelebs claiming that Stacy was actually at the hospital for an abortion and that she was pregnant for John Boadu.

Read below:

“Another news trending about Stacys death….it has come to my notice dat…Stacy didn’t go in for any body shape oooo but she rather went in for an Abortion …and de foetus papa is John Boadu…is alleged oooo!!!.. de source claims to be a very closed friend.