Ultimate Health Walk Takes Off This Saturday

The much awaited Ultimate health walk dubbed “Experience A Walk of Healthy Living” is scheduled to start and end at the Kumasi City Mall this Saturday 3rd February, 2018.

Professional gym instructors will be around to take patrons through aerobics and other training exercises and then proceed to principal streets in the Garden city.

Participants will be the Ultimate WhatsApp family, Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Journalists, Market women, Artisans, Politicians, Opinion leaders, Commercial drivers, Head porters ‘kayayos’, etc and all Senior High Schools in the Ashanti region.

Patrons will walk through the Garden City, side by side with their favourite Ultimate Fm presenters amidst brass band and jama groups.

The “operation 6pack” and fat burning ” will as well be fun as people will have the chance to meet and interact, and network with new people.
Moreover the walk will climax with fun activities, and free health screening at the Kumasi City Mall, Asokwa, Kumasi.

Research and medics prove that walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise but if taken seriously, has immense benefits to the health of an individual.

Thereore, the general public should partake in this exercise as it has been concluded that the simple exercise of walking is one of the easiest ways to get more active and lose weight.

Let’s all meet at exactly 6:00am at the Kumasi City Mall for the “Operation 6pack”and “Operation burn down fat”….Are you healthy for 2018???