We Won’t Allow Fancy To Use The Blood Of The People To Make Money – Tamale Mayor Reacts To ‘Fancy Gadam Patoranking’ Tamale Accident


The Major of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah has stated that, he and his people will not sit down and watch Tamale-based musician Fancy Gadam use the blood of people to make money.

This statement comes at the back of the death of eight people in an accident concerning Tamale-based musician, Fancy Gadam and Nigerian musician, Patoranking  yesterday.

Hon. Iddrisu has blamed the accident on the artiste, saying that Fancy’s talent is a danger to the people of Tamale. He added that, he will not allow one single individual to take the people of Tamale to ransom.

“I have spoken to him, I have spoken to his managers but this young man will not listen and I tell you, his talent is a danger to the people of Tamale, the fabulous talent of this young man is a danger to the people of Tamale.” He said.

He wondered why Fancy Gadam will mobilize young people of the street, all in the name of making a profit. He continued that, they are not also going to tolerate Fancy Gadam to use the blood of the people to make money.

“You want to use the blood of the people to make money? We won’t tolerate that. I have banned all musical concert at the stadium.No more musical concert until further notice. We are not going to allow that. He was not going to pay a courtesy call to my discipline chief, they were over the place, blocked the street, a lot of indiscipline on the street.”

Honourable Iddrisu Musah was heard saying.