What it means if your partner do not kiss you

Kissing spices up love-making and the number of times you kiss your partner while you are together demonstrates how strong the relationship is and how compatible you are. However, some people for various reasons would not kiss their partners or someone they’ve just met.

Let’s go through some of the reason why your partner is not kissing you.

1. Scared
Some people have heard or read elsewhere that some diseases could be contracted through kissing. These fears have engulfed some people and prevent them from kissing. If your partner is bold enough to mention this as the reason, both of you can take steps at the hospital to conduct all various tests to be cleared fit for kissing.

2. No Love
Your partner not kissing you could be a sign that he/she isn’t into you. He/she is with you for reasons best known to him/her alone. Love conquers everything and once there’s love, your partner would go beyond all odds to kiss you. Before you conclude that your partner isn’t kissing you because there’s no love, first make sure he/she doesn’t fall under the other reasons discussed here.

3. Bad Smell
Bad smell is a major reason why most people don’t want to kiss. Aside from having bad smell through poor personal hygiene, some bad mouth smells are result of a medical condition. Try smelling mouth at times by blowing out air into your palm. If you still smell bad after brushing your teeth, consult a doctor as some medical conditions in the head could be responsible.

When ‘dressing up’ for sex, wash your mouth.

4. ‘Too Hygienic’
Your partner may not kiss you because he/she is too ‘hygienic’. Some people doesn’t want to get in contact with the saliva of others and picture themselves swallowing them through kissing. It’s very difficult to deal with such people unless they are madly in love.

5. Bad Kisser
Some people who were engaged by Drotuo.com said that they don’t enjoy kissing because they see themselves as bad kissers. Bad kissers do not enjoy kissing in anyway and they see it as a waste of time.

So before you conclude on why your partner isn’t kissing you, engage her to find out what his/her reasons are. You would be able to provide the necessary assistance once you get to know of it. If it’s personal hygiene, you work on it. If it’s medical, you seek the necessary medical attention. A bad kisser could also be trained to kiss well.

Source: drotuo.com